Portrait of Kelly Boutsalis

Kelly Boutsalis
Associate International Programmer, Canadian Features
Portrait of Robyn Citizen

Robyn Citizen
Director of Festival Programming & Cinematheque
Portrait of Andréa Picard

Andréa Picard
Senior Curator, TIFF & TIFF Cinematheque
Portrait of Jason Ryle

Jason Ryle
International Programmer, Indigenous Cinema
Portrait of Jane Schoettle

Jane Schoettle
Senior International Programmer, Special Presentations
Portrait of Ravi Srinivasan

Ravi Srinivasan
Senior Manager, TIFF Programming
Portrait of Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson
International Programmer, Short Cuts
Portrait of Diana Cadavid

Diana Cadavid
International Programmer
Portrait of Giovanna Fulvi

Giovanna Fulvi
Senior International Programmer
Portrait of Nataleah Hunter-Young

Nataleah Hunter-Young
International Programmer
Portrait of Peter Kuplowsky

Peter Kuplowsky
International Programmer, Midnight Madness
Portrait of Dorota Lech

Dorota Lech
International Programmer
Portrait of Thom Powers

Thom Powers
International Programmer, TIFF Docs
Portrait of Norm Wilner

Norm Wilner
Programmer, Digital Releasing and Industry Selects
Portrait of Anita Lee

Anita Lee
Chief Programming Officer
Portrait of Cameron Bailey

Cameron Bailey