TIFF Transforms Fall 2019 Edition

TIFF Transforms

Fall 2019 Edition

An inspiring Year Three of Share Her Journey is coming to a close, but when it began, we were nervous. We knew that many new movements tend to lose steam in their third year — but we also knew the stakes were too high for us to let that happen.

Thanks to everyone who showed up — from moviegoers who packed the cinemas, to filmmakers who joined us from around the world, to the 1,700 supporters who made a donation — we gained more momentum to finish what we started.

There were so many incredible moments and stories in 2019, and this TIFF Transforms Report will share some of our fall favourites with you. Please keep reading to find inspirational stories. If you would like to share yours, please email us at loyalty@tiff.net.



Hear from Female Filmmakers

What’s more inspiring than 114 films at the Festival being directed, co-directed, or created by women? Hearing directly from them about their process. We’ve created a playlist of Q&As from TIFF 2019 so you can sit back, relax, and be inspired.


Connecting Women

Share Her Journey brings together women from all over the world around a common interest: championing women in the film industry. This is a story of two women who connected over a cup of coffee.



A Career-Changing Opportunity

Get to know the newest Micki Moore Writer-in-Residence, Joanne Sarazen, and what this opportunity means to her.


Since a Wake-up Call Was Sent

In 2017, we launched Share Her Journey to send a wake-up call to the film industry. We can’t believe what has happened since.

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