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As a cultural charity, TIFF is more than an 11-day Festival; we are committed to transforming the way people see the world through film, 365 days a year, to grow and strengthen our community.

Our generous family of donors and supporters is critical to making this a reality — thank you.

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Every Story

Film has the power to transform the way we see the world. But not every story gets told. TIFF launched the Every Story fund to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in film by challenging the status quo, celebrating diversity, and creating opportunities for equity-seeking creators.

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Share Her Journey

Share Her Journey is TIFF’s ongoing commitment to address gender parity and champion women in front of and behind the camera. This global movement is dedicated to building frameworks, empowering creators, and forging paths for women to succeed as storytellers who help shape our cultural landscape.

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For the Love of Film

For 18 months in 2020–21, TIFF temporarily closed its doors due to COVID-19. Our For the Love of Film Fund was established to support TIFF’s ongoing recovery from this closure, and to ensure we can stay strong and continue to transform the world through film.

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Supporting Equity-Seeking and Emerging Talent

At TIFF we are dedicated to supporting the next generation of film-industry professionals, from the people who make the films, to those who market and sell them, to those who write about them in film publications.

“When you’re running a marathon, the weather conditions are extreme, and you’re thirsty and tired and don’t know why you signed up in the first place. You can feel your feet slowly giving up but deep down you don’t want to stop, so your jog turns into a weird hop and then your hop slowly turns into baby steps. And all of a sudden you come across a group of strangers who have watched you make the laps and they are cheering you on. You wake yourself up and put aside the pain and the fatigue because you know there are people rooting for you. That was the lab.”

–Asantewaa Prempeh, 2020 Filmmaker Lab participant


Filmmaker Development

Filmmaker Development

TIFF works with emerging and equity-seeking filmmakers of all ages to develop their careers and present their work nationwide. With your support, we are building the next generation of Canadian and international film artists.

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Media Inclusion Initiative

Every year TIFF supports diversity in its press corps by providing complimentary press access to our Festival and travel cost support to journalists who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend.

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Supporting the Past and Future of Film

Film does more than entertain. It also inspires, changes perspectives, and connects us to the world. Through programmes like TIFF Next Wave and access initiatives, TIFF is ensuring that the future of film is filled with diverse perspectives and strong advocates. And with the TIFF Film Reference Library and TIFF Cinematheque, we are ensuring that film history is preserved for generations to come for film lovers and researchers.


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Community Impact

TIFF Community Impact is dedicated to increasing access to film for individuals from equity-seeking communities across the Greater Toronto Area. Events take place online, at TIFF Lightbox, and in community spaces. Through intentional curation and collaboration with community partners, we aim to create welcoming spaces for participants to connect with one another and celebrate their creative sides.

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Protect and Project

TIFF is committed to protecting and projecting the rich history of cinema. With your help, we are keeping the art of film alive for current and future audiences.

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