Filmmaker Development


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Because of your generosity, TIFF is able to dedicate its efforts, year-round, to nurturing and building the careers of emerging filmmakers and artists. By providing these creators with opportunities to network, learn from industry professionals and, most importantly, tell their stories, we are building the next generation of important storytellers.

Here are a few examples of how your support makes a difference:

  • TIFF invests in young creators through industry meet-ups and screenings at \TIFF Next Wave programmed largely by the accompanying youth committee, as well as a full day of industry programming and conversation at the Young Creators Co-Lab. These essential programmes are developing the next generation of filmmakers and industry professionals by helping them build critical opinions, gain confidence, and acquire vital technical skills.

  • The annual Jump Cuts Showcases provides a massive public platform for youth to present their short films and connect with fellow artists.

“Jump Cuts has helped introduce me to working professionals in film
and likeminded youth filmmakers. Looking back, it’s weird to think how many
of my good friends now, four years later, I met through Jump Cuts.”

— Morgana Mckenzie, award-winning filmmaker
and Jump Cuts participant since 2014

  • TIFF Industry provides emerging filmmakers with critical professional development training during the Festival and throughout the year. Industry meetings and workshops push participants to explore film as a business, and to expand their creative approach. Award-winning alumni include Hugh Gibson (The Stairs), Stephen Dunn (Closet Monster), and Semi Chellas (Mad Men). TIFF has also committed that at least 50% of selected participants would be female.

Talent Lab

“I made some friends at Talent Lab that are still my friends now
— Kevan Funk and Sophie Guyee, in particular —
and we’ve all released our first features. The knowledge and
advice that you gain from those peer relationships is really important.
My network has grown and I don’t know how I would have got to the place
I‘m at now without TIFF. I feel like I owe TIFF everything in that regard.”

— Ashley Mckenzie, director-writer of Werewolf and 2012 Talent Lab alumna

  • Film Circuit is a national network of partners that tours Canadian, independent, and world cinema to rural and remote communities across the country. Audiences are given access to amazing films that would otherwise be unavailable to them, and emerging filmmakers have the chance to tour and speak on behalf of their work. 164 groups in 151 communities, from Powell River, British Columbia, to Grand Falls, Newfoundland, participated in Film Circuit in 2016.

  • The North of Superior Film Association (Thunder Bay) organising committee.

  • Eight incredible filmmakers from Nigeria were able to come to Toronto to represent the City to City: Lagos programme at TIFF ‘16. TIFF is committed to developing international talent, and because of the support shown by 126 film lovers like you, we were able to proudly welcome and host these amazing artists.

“I truly have no words to describe my experience.
It was eye-opening for me as a young filmmaker
– the workshops helped me fine-tune all I know.
I do not take this opportunity with levity.
I want to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU.
I look forward to being at the Festival again and again.”

— Uduak-Obong Patrick, 2016 City to City: Lagos filmmaker

City to City