TIFF Transforms: Filmgoing Experience

The Best Filmgoing Experience

It’s no secret that TIFF Bell Lightbox is the greatest place in the city — and maybe the world — to watch a film. Not only do our theatres present groundbreaking films that define global cinema and transform the way people see the world, but they also provide audiences with unparalleled viewing experiences.

My name is Gillian Ashton, and I’m a part of the Loyalty & Engagement team at TIFF. Before I started working here, I came to 350 King Street West for the luxurious, red-cushioned chairs. Of course, I also came for the enlightened and challenging programming.

Every trip to the Lightbox starts with the age-old question: what do I feel like watching? Do I want to feel the rush of hearing 35mm film running through the projector? Do I want to feel nostalgic and see a favourite cult classic? Do I want to watch the latest film from an up-and-coming international director? No matter what you feel like, there’s something for everyone with the depth of TIFF’s programming.

After choosing my film, I hit up the concessions stand to pick up my essential filmgoing snacks: peanut M&Ms, chips and dip, and a red wine — because we like to keep it classy at TIFF.

I personally prefer going to the movies alone so I can sit wherever I like, which changes all the time. Front to back, left to right, every single seat at the Lightbox is worthy of your derrière.

I’m also an independent film producer, so there’s something especially extraordinary about being around film canisters all day. At TIFF, we can screen 70mm, 35mm, and 16mm prints. We also adhere to archival projection standards. There is nothing like watching a movie on film; the experience is truly magical. If you’ve never seen one, do yourself a favour and come see a TIFF Cinematheque screening!

Bridging the gap between cultures, time, and generations, TIFF engages and entertains its audiences at the most fundamental level and is proof that, in the age of big-chain movie theatres, filmgoing excellence is here to stay. See you at the movies!

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