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September 5–15

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Register for your pass

Early bird registration closes July 5

Access screenings, networking opportunities, our renowned Conference, and professional resources at the 2024 Toronto International Film Festival.

Onsite registration at our Industry Centre will open on September 3.

Questions? Contact registration@tiff.net.

Become an Industry Member and get a guaranteed early bird rate on your Industry Pass after the deadline, the best access to Festival tickets, and dedicated industry perks year-round at TIFF Lightbox.

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Early-bird: $430 | Regular: $505 | Onsite: $585

Ideal for emerging players who’d like to be creatively inspired and learn more about the business side of the industry.

Suitable for filmmakers, students, and early-career film professionals.

Pass benefits:

  • Access to Industry Conference
  • Access to Press & Industry screenings on a Rush basis
  • Access to Public screenings on a Rush basis
  • Access to Industry Venues
  • Access to online networking and business tools
  • Invitation to Industry Special Events
  • Trial membership with Cinando




Early-bird: $650 | Regular: $760 | Onsite: $875

Ideal for professionals. Provides fluid access to Press & Industry screenings, the Industry Centre, and the Industry Conference.

Suitable for more experienced filmmakers and academics, as well as for film professionals facilitating business at the Festival, such as film festival programmers, producers, and distributors.

Pass benefits:

  • Access to Press & Industry screenings on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Access to Public screenings on a same-day ticket and Rush basis
  • Access to Industry Conference
  • Access to Industry Venues
  • Access to online networking and business tools
  • Invitation to Industry Special Events
  • Trial membership with Cinando




Early-bird: $795 | Regular: $920 | Onsite: $1,055

Ideal for those whose business requires them to screen content on a larger scale in a professional capacity.

Suitable for sales and talent agents, mid-career acquisitions executives, film festival programmers, and producers with films in 2023 Official Selection.

Pass benefits:

  • Up to 10 advance tickets to Public screenings
  • Dedicated online window to redeem tickets to Public screenings
  • Access to Press & Industry screenings on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Access to Public screenings on a same-day and Rush ticket basis
  • Access to Industry Venues
  • Access to online networking and business tools
  • Invitation to Industry Special Events
  • Access to Industry Conference
  • Trial membership with Cinando
  • Trial membership with Festival Scope Pro




Early-bird: $850 | Regular: $995 | Onsite: $1,135

Exclusively for active buyers and acquisition executives with a proven track of acquisitions.

Pass benefits:

  • Up to 25 advance tickets to Public screenings
  • Preferential online window to redeem tickets to Public screenings
  • Access to Press & Industry screenings on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Access to Public screenings on a same-day and Rush ticket basis
  • Access to Industry Venues
  • Access to online networking and business tools
  • Invitation to Industry Special Events
  • Access to Industry Conference
  • Trial membership with Cinando
  • Trial membership with Festival Scope Pro

2024 Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pick up my pass? Where do I register onsite?

Pass pick-up and onsite registration will be available from September 5 at the Industry Centre located on the mezzanine level of the Hyatt Regency Hotel at 370 King St W. For pick-up, please be prepared to show a form of identification or a business card.

Opening hours will be as follows:
September 5–10: 8am–8pm
September 11–15: 8am–6pm

What is TIFF’s Code of Conduct?

A cornerstone of TIFF's belief system is that everyone has the right to respect, and to fair and equitable treatment from others. TIFF does not tolerate violence, mistreatment or harassment — verbal, physical, sexual, or otherwise — toward staff, Volunteers, delegates, audience members, or attendees at any of our festivals, conferences, or events. Our staff and Volunteers are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for all our attendees. If the safety of any of our guests is in question, we will take immediate steps to ensure the matter is addressed.

What are the payment options?

For a speedier process, we recommend paying by credit card or debit card. In some cases, you will need to authorize the transaction with your bank before sending payment. If your payment fails, do not create a new registration — our system has saved your progress and we can help you get back on track. Please contact registration@tiff.net for this and any other payment questions. TIFF prefers Visa.

What is the accreditation process?

Once you’ve purchased a pass, we review the details provided on your form. If you qualify for the pass that you’ve selected, we will process your payment and send a confirmation letter. If not, we will recommend a different way of exploring the Festival, like purchasing public tickets. Be sure to complete your registration form with as many details as possible. If we require more information, we will contact you.

Can passes be shared among colleagues?

Each delegate joining the Festival must be accredited in order to access screenings, the Industry Conference, and all other benefits. Passes cannot be shared.

I’ve registered but have not received a confirmation email.

Our accreditation process takes up to three to five business days. If you do not receive a confirmation after that time, email registration@tiff.net. Ensure that our email address is added to your contacts so important messages aren't blocked by Spam filters.

How can I access Delegate Resources and networking tools?

As a registered delegate, you will have access to online resources, including our Delegates List, and networking tools. The 2023 Delegate Resources will open on June 19, 2023. Login information will be sent to you by email after your registration is confirmed.

I have a film in Official Selection. Do I still have to pay for my pass?

Films in Official Selection are eligible for one complimentary Premium Pass for the producer and one complimentary Premium Pass for the sales agent. These passes are not transferable and there is a maximum of three complimentary passes per sales agency. If you are part of the crew, please contact registration@tiff.net. If you are part of the cast, please contact your Film Coordinator.

Does TIFF have a market? Can I set up a stand/be an exhibitor?

TIFF has an “unofficial market” with a unique business model. Although, we do not offer traditional exhibitor opportunities we do invite National Agencies and their sales agents to spotlight their national cinema at our Industry Centre, located at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the form of a Stand. Agencies may showcase and promote films in selection, presentations, and talent from their region to maximize their visibility to the North American market. If this applies to you, please reach out to sales@tiff.net for more information.

Can I book a market screening?

Yes. Market Screening slots are available throughout the Festival and open to films both in and out of Official Selection. Companies will have the opportunity to book in person market screening slots in mid-July. For details, please contact privatescreenings@tiff.net.

Where can I find a list of industry professionals attending TIFF?

The Delegate List outlines all industry professionals attending the Festival. This is a useful resource only available for registered delegates to help them identify people they would like to meet. The Delegate List is available through our online Delegate Resources portal, and login information can be found in your accreditation confirmation email.

Do you have a discounted pass for students and scholars? How can I request one?

Students and scholars can access our Industry Conference pass at a discounted rate of $250 CAD + tax (regular rate: $490 + tax).

To access the student & scholar discount for the Conference Pass, please send the following details with your request to registration@tiff.net:

  • The name of your academic institution
  • The program you are enrolled in (if applicable)
  • The name and email address of your program director or coordinator (if applicable)
  • The year of your expected graduation (if applicable)
  • Your student number (optional)
  • Details about any recent film activity

What is Cinando?

Cinando is an online database of film professionals, companies, and film projects providing professional networking and streaming service for film industry personnel and companies.

Am I eligible for Industry accreditation?

Industry accreditation is intended for film professionals who have been active in the film industry over the past two years. Our resources are primarily geared toward those operating as producers, sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, talent agents, and writer-directors.

If you are a newcomer to the film industry (under two years of professional experience), a scholar, and/or a student, we recommend our Conference Pass.

I have accessibility needs. How can you help?

We strive to accommodate passholders with accessibility needs. For more information, please contact registration@tiff.net. Members of the public should contact Customer Relations at customerrelations@tiff.net.

How can I support emerging filmmakers from underrepresented communities?

Help us continue to support emerging and diverse talent by donating a pass and providing them with access to the Festival’s Industry Conference, Press & Industry screenings, and networking tools. Since 2020, we’ve supported 750 creators in collaboration with community organizations and partners. Industry leaders like you can support this initiative here.

Can I enter my event with a screenshot or print out of my ticket?

No. Your barcode includes leading-edge technology with fraud and counterfeit protection, so screenshots or printouts cannot be used. If you or a colleague, or client arrive at a TIFF screening with a screenshot, entry will be denied. Support can only be provided to the original ticket holder. Government ID and the payment method for this transaction will be required for assistance.

Can I transfer my advanced tickets to a colleague if I'm not using them?

Tickets associated with your pass via the advance ticketing selection window are not eligible for transfers.

Delegate Resources

Accredited professionals have access to our full slate of screenings, including those in Official Selection, Industry Selects, and Market Screenings, as well as the Official Film Schedule and the Press & Industry Schedule.

Other online resources, like the Delegates List, Rights List, and guides to navigating the Festival, can be found by logging in to your personalized account.

Access your profile

Login to your personal profile and discover the additional tools TIFF Industry has to offer. Behind your login, you’ll find the Delegates List of all accredited delegates and Territory Rights Availability list of films in Official Selection, Industry Selects, and Market Screenings, as well as your personalized profile.

Login below using the instructions outlined in your confirmation letter.

Need help? Email registration@tiff.net

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Our team is committed to making your Festival experience as productive and efficient as possible.

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Learn more about films in Official Selection, as well as Industry Selects and Market Screenings.


Film Schedule

Filter to your pass type and see all the screenings and events you have access to.

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Child Care

We’ve teamed up with Kids & Company to offer discounted child care to all attendees.

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Festival Village Map

Navigate the venues and hotels around our Festival Village. Explore the city while you are at it.

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Visit the Industry Centre

Opening hours:
September 5–10: 8am–8pm
September 11–15: 8am–6pm

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Industry Delegate News

Join us today!

Dive into our inspiring line-up of films in Official Selection. Discover TIFF Industry Selects, a hand-picked selection of films, and our Market Screening titles that have been invited to screen for press and industry as part of our Market Screening programme. These titles have our programmers’ seal of approval, and we’re bringing them to our press and industry audience in order to support their sale. Buyers, take note — you won’t want to miss these titles.

For advertising opportunities, please contact sales@tiff.net.


Film Schedule

Filter to your pass type and see all the screenings and events you have access to.

See the film list

Industry Selects

Don't miss these titles that have earned our seal of approval.

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Market Screenings

Download the CSV for more information on these amazing films.

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Conference Schedule

Keep up with the rapidly changing film business with our action-packed series of conferences and events!

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Inspirational conversations with individuals who are forging creative and business pathways in the industry.


Intimate conversations on the art and craft of storytelling and filmmaking, featuring screen-based creators (directors, producers, and series creators) and industry professionals. Some topics to be covered this year include the increasing audience demand for complex serialized stories rich in global appeal, the feature-film development of projects within an ever-changing landscape, and a focus on European producers and production.


Moderated and focused discussions on the current state and future of the industry. This year’s Perspectives sessions offer a spotlight on Korean diaspora creators, as well as a session on the state of international series, from co-productions to development and presentation.


Intimate networking sessions giving emerging to mid-career filmmakers the opportunity to interact with industry experts and gain practical knowledge to move their projects and understanding of the industry forward.


Collaborative programming with TIFF’s brand partners in sessions that emphasize the opportunities and expertise that many working professionals can gain from some of the world’s leading brands and cultural organizations. With TIFF’s partner-led programming, attendees hear directly about a variety of topics from thought leaders with a wide range of experiences to share.


A great way to expand one’s delegate network, build bridges, and develop new business opportunities in Toronto. Spotlights are a collaboration with leading partner organizations, and are designed to maximize the B2B experience over a breakfast networking session. From pitches and keynotes to presentations, one-to-one speed meetings, and casual networking, each event offers a unique perspective and distinct experience.

Get advice from renowned industry experts!

TIFF runs tailored professional development programmes to help talented filmmakers fast-track their careers and projects. The range on offer includes bespoke opportunities for writers, directors, and actors.

TIFF’s Talent Development programmes are supported in part by the Share Her Journey campaign, which is committed to increasing the participation, skills, and opportunities for women behind and in front of the camera.


IND filmmakers lab

Filmmaker Lab

Each year, 20 Canadian and international directors receive an exceptional professional development experience at the Toronto International Film Festival, and an introduction to the global community of filmmaking. Over a five-day period, participants have the opportunity to interact with and learn from internationally acclaimed filmmakers and guests.

Fellowships generously supported by Every Story and Share Her Journey donors ensure that programme participants are given additional financial support to help them fulfill their creative vision.

See 2023 Participants

2023 Rising Stars bw

Rising Stars

TIFF Rising Stars is part of our ongoing commitment to promoting Canadian and international cinema and talent on the world stage. This programme showcases new talent from all over the world, putting an emphasis on the next generation of actors poised for international success.

See 2023 Participants

IND-Series Accelerator

Series Accelerator

Launched at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival, the Series Accelerator programme, presented by Canada Media Fund, is a two-day mentorship intensive that will offer tailored training for eight Canadian series creator teams from underrepresented communities to refine their pitches and develop a business plan for their projects, with guidance from a pitch coach and industry professionals.

Apply Now

Sloan Pitch GGS INDUSTRY SONY RickClifford 20230910-09864

Breakthroughs: The Sloan Science on Screen Programme

A new initiative putting science in the spotlight at TIFF and equipping filmmakers with creative support and industry connections to strengthen and highlight their feature-length or episodic projects about science and technology.

Funding for this programme, which includes a pitch event, writer fellowship, and film showcase, provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Public Understanding of Science and Technology program.

Apply Now


Every Story Accelerator

TIFF Every Story Accelerator, presented by the RBC Screen Creators’ Initiative, is a new programme that aims to help advance projects from emerging creators with diverse backgrounds, who identify as Black, Indigenous, a person of colour, 2SLGBTQ+ and/or from other equity-deserving groups. Each year, two producer/director teams with feature-length projects in post-production will receive targeted support to pitch their projects to industry decision-makers in three key markets. Both participating teams in 2023 will receive a Micki Moore Fellowship, supported by Toronto-based broadcaster, journalist and actor Micki Moore.

See 2023 Participants

Talent Page Writers Studio Bucket

Writers’ Studio

Writers’ Studio selects eight Canadian and international screenwriters to consolidate skills, exchange ideas, and develop scripts, all within a collaborative five-day intensive lab. Participants take part in workshops, artist talks, table reads, peer-to-peer mentorship, and one-on-one project development with story consultants.

Alumni are invited to participate in the CHANEL Women Writers’ Network, which provides women and non-binary participants with ongoing script development support after the programme ends.

See 2024 Participants

IND-TIFF CBC Diverse Screenwriters Grant - Bottom Left

TIFF–CBC Films Screenwriter Award

A cash award is provided to the Canadian writer of an outstanding feature-film screenplay. Presented in partnership with CBC Films.

See 2024 Winner