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Become a Volunteer

Join the TIFF team!

Want to be part of the world’s leading public film festival? Each September, the Toronto International Film Festival brings the best in Canadian and international cinema to theatres around Toronto. If you’re 18 years of age or older, you can become part of the dedicated team of Festival Volunteers who help make it all happen!

Those who successfully complete their Volunteer commitment during the Festival will have the option of receiving postings for year-round Volunteer opportunities at TIFF Bell Lightbox to support our programming all year long.

If you are between the ages of 14 and 17 and interested in joining our Youth Volunteer Programme, please contact to be notified when our online application is available. Recruitment for this team typically takes place in December.

Our 2020 Festival Volunteer Application Update

Limiting the spread of COVID-19 and maintaining the health and safety of Volunteers is a top priority. As a result, we have decided we will not be recruiting Volunteers to fill Volunteer positions at the 2020 Festival. We hope you will join us for the next edition of the Toronto International Film Festival. We will begin recruitment in the spring of 2021. If you are interested in hearing about future volunteer opportunities, please subscribe to our TIFF Volunteer Alerts below for updates via email.

Festival Volunteers receive access to films at TIFF, exclusive discounts, the chance to make new friends, and the feeling that you helped make it all happen!

Click here to read more about the recruitment process.

Festival Volunteer Programme Overview

Interested in learning more? Here are the steps to becoming a Festival Volunteer:

1. Complete the online application form: Our application form is available on our website starting in May. Complete all the required sections, including adding a résumé, two references, and your availability. The application is open until our recruitment targets are met; this means there is no set end date. We recommend applying as soon as possible when the application opens.

2. Application review period: Applicants will receive an email response within four weeks of submitting their application. Those accepted into the programme will receive information on the next phase of the recruitment process. Please note: applying to be a Volunteer does not guarantee you will be offered a placement in the programme, as we tend to receive more applications than we have available spots.

3. Attend an orientation session: Those whose application is approved will be invited to attend an in-person orientation session. Sessions will be offered on weekday evenings and weekends throughout the month of July. Attendance is required as the session will include important information on policies and procedures related to volunteering at the Festival, as well as a brief interview to complete your registration process. At the session, you will also get to select your Volunteer assignment preferences.

4. Receive an assignment: After attending the orientation session and successfully completing the registration process, you will receive your Volunteer assignments based on your selected preferences, availability, and previous experience, and the specific needs of the role.

5. Schedule your shifts: At a specific date and time you will have access to shifts on our online Volunteer Hub. You choose exactly when and where you want to volunteer from the selection of approved assignments. Please note: all Volunteers are required to complete a minimum of four shifts as part of their commitment to the Festival.

6. Training and preparing for shifts: On-site or online training is provided for most Volunteer roles in advance of the Festival. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about what you will be doing on-shift for your specific assignment. It is also a great way to ask questions directly to staff you will be working with or to members of the Volunteer Office. Training materials for most roles are also posted on the Volunteer Hub in advance of the Festival.

7. The Festival: Get out there and have fun! Volunteers are the heart of the Festival and bring their energy and enthusiasm while helping hundreds of thousands of avid filmgoers. Between shifts, be sure to catch incredible films and take in the Festival atmosphere.

Questions? Contact the Volunteer Office at or 416-934-5846 for more information.

Our talented and dedicated Volunteers are vital to the success of the Festival each year. Festival Volunteers assist in a variety of roles in the following areas:

  • Theatre venues: Providing customer service and front-of-house assistance by managing lineups, scanning tickets, ushering, and encouraging the public to vote for the People’s Choice Award. With several venues in operation, this is where the majority of support is required.
  • Industry Centre: Directing delegates to registration and pass pickup desks, offering information about Industry programming, and assisting with various administrative and operational tasks at Industry venues.
  • Office support: Assisting a variety of TIFF departments with administrative and organizational tasks required during the Festival. Duties will vary depending on the position. Please note that opportunities in this role are very limited.
  • ACE: Getting dispatched with on-the-fly notice to help a specific venue or department in urgent need of support. ACE Volunteers report to a central meeting location at the start of the shift and await further direction.
    Festival Volunteer Programme Sponsor

Returning Volunteers

Access the Volunteer Hub

If you’re currently an active TIFF Volunteer, please log in to the Volunteer Hub (above) to access your account. Please contact the Volunteer Office at if you have any questions.

The Volunteer Award for Arts and Culture in Toronto (VAACT)

TIFF is proud to be a contributing member of VAACT, a program to recognize volunteers who support multiple arts and culture events and festivals throughout the year in the City of Toronto. Awards are given to Volunteers who complete the minimum requirements with at least four participating VAACT organizations throughout the year. VAACT culminates each year on International Volunteer Day (December 5) with an awards ceremony to acknowledge and thank our Volunteers for their contributions in making Toronto a more vibrant, cultural city.

Interested in getting involved? Check out the full list of participating organizations and program details at!

Volunteer Stories

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