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Festival Tickets

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Individual Tickets

TIFF is excited to welcome back Festival goers, press, and industry to the Toronto International Film Festival and the city of Toronto for this year's in-person and digital screenings. Join us for 10 days of exceptional international and Canadian cinema with over 150 films in the Official Selection and unparalleled events featuring acclaimed industry guests.

As a result of increased capacities in cinemas in Ontario and the opening of the border, TIFF has added to its list of venues to accommodate a number of in-person Public and Press & Industry screenings. We are working closely with the Province of Ontario, the City of Toronto, and public health officials on the safe operation of our TIFF Festival venues.

Get tickets to in-person and digital screenings and events starting September 4 for TIFF Members and September 6 for the public. Please review the Key Dates to see when you can purchase tickets.

Don’t forget: TIFF Members get access to Festival tickets first. Join today from just $99!

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In-Person Screenings & Events

Join us in-person for screenings at TIFF Bell Lightbox, Roy Thomson Hall, the Visa Screening Room at the Princess of Wales Theatre, the Cinesphere Theatre at Ontario Place, and Scotiabank Theatre.

Regular film screenings
Premium film screenings

*Prices include taxes and fees. TIFF prefers Visa.

You can also join us for outdoor screenings at Ontario Place Festival Village, including the Visa Skyline Drive-In, the RBC Lakeside Drive-In, and the West Island Open Air Cinema at Ontario Place.

Drive-in (car with 1–2 people)
Drive-in (car with 3+ people)
Open-air Cinema (lawn access for 2 people)

*Prices include taxes and fees. TIFF prefers Visa.

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Digital Screenings & Events

Join Festival 2021 from anywhere in Canada with the return of digital film screenings on digital TIFF Bell Lightbox, TIFF’s online film platform. New this year: Digital screenings have a scheduled start date and time, just like our in-person screenings. Ticket holders will have a four-hour window to start and complete each film.

Digital Regular film screenings
Digital Premium film screenings

*Prices include taxes and fees. TIFF prefers Visa.

Join the biggest names in film on TIFF Bell Digital Talks, the Festival's online talks and events platform. Available worldwide.

In Conversation With… events
$12 (FREE for TIFF Members)

*Prices include taxes and fees. TIFF prefers Visa.

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Digital Ticket Packages

Digital ticket packages are now off-sale.

If you purchased a digital ticket package, you will be sent the date and time of your digital ticket package redemption via email on August 23. Digital film selection starts August 29 for TIFF Members and September 1 for the public.

Your Health and Safety

As a result of the opening of the border and increased capacities in cinemas in Ontario, TIFF has added to its list of venues to accommodate a number of additional Public and Press & Industry in-person screenings. At TIFF Festival venues, government health and safety guidelines will be strictly enforced. Currently, those guidelines have social distancing measures in place, including limited capacity in each cinema, with masks required to be worn at all times. In addition, there will be no concessions available to indoor audiences. Concessions will be available at outdoor venues.

See more information on TIFF’s COVID-19 Protocols.

TIFF has put mitigating measures in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, attending in-person events could increase your risk of contraction. By entering the venue, you voluntarily assume all risks and agree that you will not hold TIFF liable for any illness that may result.

Key Dates

June 30
Digital packages go on sale to Contributors Circle Members and up, starting at 10am ET
July 7
Digital packages go on sale to Members 365 and up, starting at 10am ET
July 14
Digital packages go on sale to to the public, starting at 10am ET
August 15
Digital packages go off-sale at 10pm ET

Deadline to become a TIFF Member for early access to digital package ticket redemption
August 23
Digital package purchasers are sent date and time of online package ticket redemption via email
August 24
Official Film Schedule launches online at 10am
August 26
Ticket transfers for in-person and digital events open

Individual tickets for in-person and digital events go on sale to Leadership Members
August 27
Individual tickets for in-person and digital events go on sale to Platinum (10am ET) and Gold Members (2pm ET)
August 28
Individual tickets for in-person and digital events go on-sale to Silver (10am ET) and Bronze Members (2pm ET)
August 29
Digital package ticket redemption begins for TIFF Members, by level
September 1
Digital package ticket redemption begins for the public, after TIFF Members

Deadline to become a TIFF Member for early access to single tickets on September 4
September 2
Digital package ticket redemption closes at 6pm ET
September 4
Individual tickets for in-person and digital events go on sale to Contributors Circle (Contributor, Ambassador, Benefactor) and Members 365 (Under-25, Senior, Individual, Dual Senior, Dual) at 10am ET
September 5
Individual tickets for in-person and digital events go on sale to TIFF Insiders at 10am ET
September 6
Individual tickets for in-person and digital events go on sale to the public at 10am ET
September 7
Ticket transfers for digital events close at 5pm ET
September 8
Ticket exchanges for in-person events open
September 9-18
2021 Toronto International Film Festival

TIFF Covid-19 Protocols

Updated as of September 24, 2021. Please note that TIFF may change these protocols at any time to protect the health and safety of all of its audiences in accordance with government guidelines and legal allowances.

TIFF continues to work closely with the Province of Ontario, the City of Toronto, and public health officials in order to mitigate risk to audiences and guests attending in-cinema screenings at TIFF Bell Lightbox. We have put in place the following health and safety protocols.

To assist those travelling to Canada, we are also providing an overview of information about vaccination rates and Government of Canada requirements to enter the country.


Government Information

Canada has taken a characteristically cautious approach throughout the pandemic, which has allowed us to reach a point of safety conducive to hosting in-cinema screenings at TIFF Bell Lightbox. We reopened slowly, allowing time to reach a high vaccination rate, while still maintaining general COVID-19 safety protocols, including indoor masking and social distancing.

In Toronto, we have now reached Ontario’s Stage 3 of reopening, which allows for in-cinema screenings to take place while still mitigating risks. Canada is one of the safest places to visit, with the lowest case rate per 100,000 in North America. Weekly case counts data is available on the City of Toronto’s COVID-19 webpage.

The Government of Canada allows non-essential travel from US citizens, US permanent residents, and citizens of any country, provided that:

  • The domestic epidemiologic situation remains favourable
  • Visitors have been fully vaccinated with Government of Canada–approved vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Janssen/Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD) at least 14 days prior to entering Canada

While quarantine is not required, travellers must also:

  • Meet the pre-entry test requirements
  • Provide a digital copy of vaccination documentation
  • Provide COVID-19–related information electronically through the ArriveCAN app prior to arrival in Canada
  • Provide a quarantine plan and be prepared to quarantine in case border agents determine they do not meet the necessary requirements
  • Be asymptomatic upon arrival
  • Participate in random COVID-19 testing

Those meeting these requirements can cross the border into Canada without having to quarantine, including the elimination of the previous three-night hotel quarantine policy. Additional Border information is available on the Government of Canada’s Travel and Tourism website.

TIFF continues to work closely with the Province of Ontario, the City of Toronto, and public health officials to ensure its number-one priority being the health and well-being of audiences, staff, and residents of the community.

To help ensure the safest possible in-cinema experience, TIFF has partnered with Medcan, a global health care leader providing medical expertise, consultation, and health inspiration to achieve its mission to help people “Live Well, For Life.” Based on the pillars of evidence-based care, exceptional client service, and the latest in technology, Medcan’s team of over 90 physicians supports employee health care across the continuum of health, including its “Safe at Work System,” which helps organizations navigate the pandemic.

Public Audience & Visitors COVID-19 Protocols

Effective September 22, 2021, in line with Ontario’s Vaccine Certification Plan, audience members and visitors 12 years of age and over will be required to provide Proof of Vaccination receipts showing both doses of one of Health Canada’s approved vaccines administered at least 14 days prior to attending, along with valid government-issued identification for entry to TIFF Bell Lightbox.

In addition to proof of COVID-19 vaccination, masks are required in TIFF Bell Lightbox at all times. Audience members and visitors will not be permitted entry without a mask. Where an audience member or visitor is unable to wear a mask due to health reasons, TIFF will provide them with a face shield as an alternative. If the audience member or visitor does not wish to wear a face shield, they will be denied entry into TIFF Bell Lightbox and will be given a refund for their ticket.

  • Proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is required to gain entry into TIFF Bell Lightbox. Proof includes a vaccination receipt administered by Ontario Health or your local health care provider. Proof can be in email form, on a mobile device, or via hard copy. The information must include your full name and the date of the vaccination. Ontario residents will have received confirmation of their first and second dose via email or mail. If confirmation was received by email, please search “Dose Administration” to find it on a mobile device; if received by mail, please bring a copy with you on the day and time of your event. For all other residents, please bring your version of this update. This might be a proof of vaccination certificate or a card or an email from your province, state, or country.
  • Visitors from outside of Canada are already required to show evidence of being fully vaccinated to enter the country.
  • Anyone who is sick or has symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough, runny nose, tiredness, or shortness of breath, is NOT permitted to enter TIFF Bell Lightbox.
  • There will be no printed tickets; access to TIFF Bell Lightbox cinemas will require a mobile ticket.
  • There will be no concessions sold at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Outside food and beverages are not permitted.

We encourage audience members to wash and disinfect their hands often — especially before entering and exiting TIFF Bell Lightbox, after contact with others, and after touching surfaces that others may have touched.

To help prevent the spread and transmission of COVID-19, TIFF is committed to:

  • Providing access to hand sanitizers
  • Encouraging physical distancing
  • Wiping down and disinfecting surfaces
  • Conducting regular clearing in high-traffic areas

For any additional COVID-19 protocol–related questions, please contact TIFF Customer Relations at customerrelations@tiff.net.

To help ensure a safe and comfortable experience, TIFF has once again partnered with Medcan to seek guidance from its Medical Advisory Services team. In addition to providing this type of support for organizations navigating the pandemic, Medcan inspires its clients to live well for life by offering access to in-person and virtual services ranging from year-round medical care, health assessments, fitness, nutrition, genetics, mental health, dermatology, and more. their exceptional team of health experts leverages evidence-based insights and practices along with innovative technology to provide personalized care that enhances everyday wellness and helps clients navigate their life-long well-being journey.

Medical Advisory provided by