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YO ADRIAN Ep. 21: Magali Simard on Canada's Top Ten Film Festival

What were the best Canadian films of 2016, and how were they chosen?

Jan 10, 2017

In Round One, Kiva and Fariha talk about their film-based New Year's resolutions (which are actually "intentions," because they are not Bridget Jones). One of their shared intentions: watch more Canadian films. Which is a nice segue into...

...Round Two, featuring TIFF programmer Magali Simard with an in-depth discussion about Canadian film, and specifically the lineup for this year's Canada's Top Ten Film Festival, starting Friday January 13, which features some exciting work from lesser-known and first-time Canadian directors (and also very well known seventh-time director Xavier Dolan). Some interesting questions also get addressed: what role does the education system play in exposing the public to English-Canadian films? What does "Canadian identity" mean in the context of Canadian film? And how does the rest of the world see our cinema?