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TIFF Uncut: Bruce McDonald vs. Max McCabe-Lokos

The Weirdos director and his former collaborator/star talk about why they make movies

by Maxwell McCabe-Lokos Bruce McDonald
Mar 14, 2017

Maxwell McCabe-Lokos and Bruce McDonald are two Canadian filmmakers who have worked together before. The 2013 film The Husband, written and starring McCabe-Lokos, features a man grappling with his hurt feelings and infant son after his wife goes to jail for sleeping with her 14-year-old student. The farcical film is violent, hilarious, and is beautifully directed by McDonald. This year at TIFF, the two filmmakers return with their own individual projects. For McCabe-Lokos, it's the surreal short film Ape Sodom, which somehow involves jellyfish, a BDSM relationship, and a threadbare gorilla costume to create a brazen critique of cultural consumption. For McDonald, it's the '70s coming-of-age road-trip movie Weirdos, helmed by the young TIFF Rising Star Julia-Sarah Stone, which opens at TIFF Bell Lightbox on March 17. While their two films couldn't be more different, the two filmmakers find many commonalities in why they make movies.

Says McCabe-Lokos, "I make movies because I need people to hear what I'm saying... Like everybody I need attention, I'm not proud of that. But it's this desire to tell people what your perspective is... It's like being a painter, you want to show people what you think a beautiful one looks like."

Says McDonald, "Because of the conversation you engage in, somehow... when you're being listened to, something surprising comes back."

Take a listen to a TIFF Uncut podcast between McCabe-Lokos and McDonald, conducted at TIFF 16.

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