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TIFF UNCUT: Kids movies can be about anything

Short filmmakers Eduardo Bertaina, Arvid Klapper, and Meloni Poole think children might be smarter than adults

Apr 19, 2017

On this episode of TIFF Un/cut, TIFF Kids short filmmakers Eduardo Bertaina (The Loudest Silence), Arvid Klapper (Baka), and Meloni Poole (TRiGGA) talk to host Chandler Levack about making films for — and starring — children. See excellent films for young people at TIFF Kids International Film Festival, running until April 23, 2017.

They discuss the idea that films for kids don’t need to be bouncy or animated (3:50), discuss collaborating with young actors (8:28), good strategies for getting strong performances from children (15:14), establishing a “parent/child” relationship between actors on set (20:20), tackling serious subjects in films aimed at children (22:50), the moment in childhood that makes you want to become a filmmaker (28:13), and the incredible intelligence of children as film viewers (33:35).