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TIFF 6ix: Get nostalgic for 6 months ago

This week's essential links will reunite you with the Obamas

May 5, 2017
  1. Made by the Emmy Award–winning Felix & Paul Studios, The People’s House takes you on a VR tour of the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama. It’s a 360-degree, stereoscopic 3D preservation of a time when the internet didn’t make memes equating the current state of affairs to The Handmaid’s Tale. Get nostalgic for six months ago on Oculus Rift.

  2. For The Hollywood Reporter, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar listed the films that he goes back to time and time again when he’s feeling isolated or lonely. Comedies were key, of course; What About Bob? is prominently on his list, and truly, you can’t not watch Bill Murray “sailing” and not feel a little better about the world. But Abdul-Jabbar’s pick-me-up films also included Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X, which give him strength to overcome his funks.

  3. What do Forbidden Planet’s Altaira Morris and The Fifth Element’s Leeloo have in common? They were “Born Sexy Yesterday.” This term — coined in Pop Culture Detective's latest video essay — calls out the common trope that pervades sci-fi, where a female character with a childlike mind is overtly sexualized by a male character in a lopsided power dynamic.

  4. The posters for Blade Runner 2049 were released this week, stirring up anticipation for Denis Villeneuve’s followup to the sci-fi staple. But before we get to 2049, let’s rewind to 2014 — back to the theatrical release of Villeneuve’s film Enemy, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and based on José Saramago’s The Double. Maybe you left the theatre thinking, “Yeah, but what’s up with the spiders?” Well, Vulture’s Kevin Lincoln is here to help you out, three years later.

  5. Mike Mantlo, the brother of Marvel comics writer Bill Mantlo, recounts how Rocket Racoon’s new life in Guardians of the Galaxy rescued his brother, providing Bill the financial security to leave the nursing home that he’s lived in since 1995 after being injured in a hit-and-run accident.

  6. Director Barry Jenkins said "Maybe we should find something to do with Isabelle Huppert” in an interview with Jada Yuan, and we’re somehow supposed to continue going on with our lives as normal without this collaboration formally in production.