The Art of Foley Sound

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The Art of Foley Sound

Foley sound professionals discuss and demonstrate the process for re-creating sounds for film, television, and games.

Nov 2, 2016

The Foley sound artist emerged on film sets in response to the transition away from silent films. Drawing on techniques used to add sound to live broadcasted radio dramas, Foley professionals would add sounds that microphones were not able to pick up clearly during filming. Advancements in technology, including the shift from analog to digital sound production, have changed the tools utilized by sound mixers, but the practice of the Foley artist remains relatively unchanged.

During this Higher Learning panel, Foley artists Alyson Dee Moore (Warner Bros.) and Andy Malcolm (Footsteps Studio) joined Foley mixer MaryJo Lang (Warner Bros.) to discuss the process of creating sounds for animated, comedic, and dramatic works, the distinction between sound effects and Foley sound, as well as their favourite tips, tricks, and memorable moments on set. Additional topics discussed were collaborating with other sound artists and filmmakers, Foley sound for VR and video games, as well as the process and rationale for restoring Foley sound when films are re-released.

This Higher Learning event was held on October 21, 2016, at TIFF Bell Lightbox and was moderated by Benjamin Wright, lecturer at the University of Toronto.