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One To Watch: Transpecos

"A lean-and-mean atmospheric thriller"

Sep 23, 2016

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WHY TO WATCH: If you're looking for a tough, pulse-pounding thriller that makes the most of its isolated and potentially dangerous setting (a small outpost at the border between the U.S. and Mexico), then Transpecos — the first feature from direct Greg Kwedar, now playing at TIFF Bell Lightbox — is the film for you. Is it going to be a relaxing watch? No. Will you start feeling like you're under the blazing sun, experiencing the same tensions as the lead characters? Absolutely. Will you enjoy yourself? If the preceding sentences sound like fun to you, then yep. Come out and see it. Bring deodorant.


"Set smack dab on the sun-baked U.S.-Mexico border, Transpecos is a lean-and-mean atmospheric thriller."

Chris Nashawaty for Entertainment Weekly

"Accomplishing a lot with very little, Greg Kwedar compresses his first feature, Transpecos, into a single day and night at a remote outpost in the Chihuahuan Desert, where three United States Border Patrol agents will face tough choices." - Jeannette Catsoulis for The New York Times

"Perhaps the greatest strength of “Transpecos” is its ground-level specificity: No one here has the time to debate broader border-security issues or federal drug policies, and never do we get a glimpse of the drug lords or smugglers pulling the strings." - Andrew Barker for Variety