Jim Carrey Video Interview on TIFF Long Take


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Jim Carrey Video Interview on TIFF Long Take

Webbys Submission

Oct 23, 2017

When you get the chance to interview a world-famous actor whose mental state is being discussed by people across the globe, what do you do with it? The team behind our podcast, TIFF Long Take, decided to focus on what we know our audience is interested in and hungry for: in-depth, thoughtful conversation about the art of film and the moving image, with the people who make it happen.

The result speaks for itself: a discussion with Jim Carrey in which he is given the space to share his views on everything from acting school to non-existence. The audience spends half an hour in the presence of one of the most fascinating people in the world in a respectful and carefully constructed context that allows him to be completely candid and follow his thoughts wherever they lead.