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Hump Day Movie: You're Next

Nothing says International Women's Day like death by blender

Mar 8, 2016

Yesterday was International Women's Day, where society takes momentary pause to give a full-throated shout out to the myriad contributions that women make to our world. We at TIFF think that this is totally nice and great, but balk at the thought of limiting our celebration of the female influence on society to one day in March. We're all about a locus of activity and celebration, but humbly suggest that "International Women's All The Damn Time" would be far more appropriate.

In the spirit of celebrating all that is powerful and female, this week, we recommend Adam Wingard's You’re Next, a film with one of the most badass female leads in recent memory.

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Sharni Vinson's Erin accompanies her boyfriend to a family reunion at their vacation home in Missouri. When that reunion is interrupted by a volley of crossbow bolts shot by men wearing super creepy animal masks, Erin springs into action. She was raised in an Australian survivalist community. 'Nuff said. Featuring a healthy dose of black comedy and clever kills involving all manner of kitchen utensils, You’re Next will make sure you never look at a blender the same way again.