Higher Learning: Spotlight on Trades

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Higher Learning: Spotlight on Trades

Presented with the Ontario College of Trades, two trades’ professionals shared how they applied their training to working in the film and television industry

Mar 1, 2018

Toronto film crews are the backbone of the city’s film industry and their expertise is essential to the production of small and large television and film projects all over Ontario. In this panel two trade’s professionals working in the film industry shared the challenges and benefits of working on set and provided insight and advice about kick-starting a career in the trades. Brian Dwight, a mobile-crane operator discussed how he grew his business from owning and managing one crane to working in films like *Titanic* and *Star Wars*. La-Toya Fagon, a specialist in event-catering, recounted how she transformed a passion for cooking into a career that has allowed her to work at festivals like TIFF and Sundance and the opportunity to meet creative talent. Both panelists emphasized that hard work and passion are important for a successful trade’s career in film, highlighting the need to be adaptable, open to challenges, and a creative problem solver. Tracey Shepherd from the Ontario College of Trades joined the panel to provide addition context on the training required for various trades professions.

This Higher Learning event was held on November 17, 2017 at TIFF Bell Lightbox and was hosted by Keith Bennie, Senior Manager of Adult Learning at TIFF.