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TIFF 6ix: Essential Links for the Week of June 24, 2016

The TIFF 6IX: Linammon Roll Edition

Jun 24, 2016

##1: De Palma's Cinematography Before you head out to TIFF Bell Lightbox to watch De Palma, you’ll need a guiding hand to lead you through the nerve-wracking cinematography of one of America’s most beloved auteurs. Teo Bugbee is here to help you with that. The main take away? Don’t start with Black Dahlia. Start with Carrie, or Sisters, or even Scarface (all of which will be playing this summer at TIFF during our De Palma retrospective series, Split/​Screen: The Cinema of Brian De Palma)

##2: The Chinese Box Office What do Pacific Rim, Warcraft and Terminator: Genisys have in common? They were largely unpopular among critics, yes. They failed at the domestic box office, true. But they all found success in China. This article takes a look at what these films had had in common to do so well internationally, and what this means for the future of summer blockbuster filmmaking.

##3: Spielberg Meets VR If you're still thinking VR is nothing but a tech fad, maybe this will change your mind. Acording to a recent interview, Steven Spielberg is about to get into the Virtual Reality game. You should probably sample some of the best experiences in VR this summer during TIFF POP, before the director of Lincoln is cooler than you.

##4: Waititi Goes Disney The teaser for Disney’s new animation, Moana has finally arrived and here's why you should care: it was co-written by Taika Waititi (director of What We Do in The Shadows), it stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and the soundtrack was penned and performed by Hamilton’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

##5: People Of Colour Take Over The Tonys Speaking of Hamilton...the Oscars can learn a thing or two from last Sunday’s Tony Awards. The show received it's highest number of viewers in 15 years, possibly thanks to the worldwide audiences who have enjoyed the cultural-sensation-slash-musical that is Hamilton, and every actor that won in the musical category was black. As Eli Glasner said in his CBC article, “To put that in perspective, that's more actors of colour winning in one night than in the last nine years of the Oscars combined.”

##6: Unreleased Footage From The Kubrick Archives Was Found In A Salt Mine Warner Bros has finally released a statement on that found footage from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. In case you forgot, the 17 minutes of lost footage were uncovered in a salt-mine vault in Kansas way back in 2010. The verdict? The studio has decided they will not expand the film in any way out of respect for Kubrick’s artistic process. Bummer.