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Feb 17
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Cory Finley's directorial debut is, in a word, visceral. In a wealthy suburban Connecticut community, teens Amanda (Olivia Cooke) and Lily (Anya Taylor Joy) plot to free themselves of their problems: Amanda's boredom and Lily's intense dislike of her stepfather. Together, they attempt to navigate familial expectations and social pressures, all while trying to answer the question every young person has on their mind: what does the future look like?

Featuring chilling performances by Joy and Cooke — along with the late Anton Yelchin as an endearing neighbourhood drug dealer named Tim — Thoroughbreds ties the opulence of swimming pools, tennis courts, and fancy cars with the dangerous psyche of disinterested socialites to weave a truly captivating narrative. Both beautiful and alarming, this sharp thriller pairs an unflinching camera with a heart-pounding soundtrack to give a hilarious and terrifying look into the lives of America's most privileged.


Additional Credits

Cory Finley
Production Company
Universal Films Canada
Anton Yelchin, Olivia Cooke, Anya Taylor-Joy, Paul Sparks, Francie Swift, Kailie Vernoff
Canadian Distributor
Universal Films Canada
US Distributor
Focus Features