The World of Jacques Demy

L'univers de Jacques Demy

Agnès VardaFrance91 minutes1995GColourB&WFrench

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The third of Varda's films devoted to her late husband Jacques Demy, The World of… is as rich, witty and idiosyncratic as the best of the filmmaker's documentaries. Interweaving clips from Demy's films with insightful interviews with his collaborators and fans, Varda offers an illuminating overview of her partner's life and career, from his remarkable debut with the exquisite Lola to his beloved hits The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Young Girls of Rochefort, his troubled sojourn in Hollywood to make Model Shop, and the other successes (as well as the failures) that followed over the course of his three decades of filmmaking. Incisively pointing out the intensity of emotion in Demy's heightened, unabashedly artificial cinema, Varda also shows the intense reactions he elicits in those who admire his work: many of the fans interviewed credit him with changing their lives, while even such legends as Catherine Deneuve and Anouk Aimée describe how powerfully he affected both their professional and personal lives.