Magnificent 70mm

The Wild Bunch

Sam PeckinpahUSA144 minutes196914AColourEnglish

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    After a railroad-office robbery goes sour (and bloody), a band of aging outlaws led by hard-bitten Pike Bishop (William Holden) makes tracks for Mexico, with a team of bounty hunters led by Pike's former partner (Robert Ryan) hot on their trail. Seeking that one last big score, Pike and his boys hijack a trainload of US Army weapons for a Mexican general — but when one of their own falls afoul of their employer, the Bunch resolves that it's best to go down shootin'. Sam Peckinpah's blood-soaked revisionist western became a landmark in the depiction of movie violence with its insanely graphic gun battles; the final, slow-motion shootout/massacre is one of the most astonishing set pieces in film history.