Guillermo del Toro: Influences

Spirits of the Dead

Histoires extraodinaires

Multiple DirectorsFrance121 minutes1968ColourFrench

Dec 13
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Three top international filmmakers contributed to this anthology film based on tales by Edgar Allan Poe. Louis Malle directs 180° cover boy Alain Delon in the doppelganger tale "William Wilson," while Roger Vadim kits his then-wife Jane Fonda out in a variety of eye-popping outfits as the murderous libertine of "Metzengerstein," but the standout episode is Federico Fellini's wickedly funny and strikingly stylized "Toby Dammit," which del Toro has singled out as his favourite Fellini film. Terence Stamp plays a soused superstar actor who arrives in a surreally rendered Rome to star in "the world's first Christian western"; drifting through parties, press conferences and assorted fleshpots, the actor is haunted by the recurring appearance of a little girl with a white ball, who might be the Devil incarnate. "[Fellini] creates a kabuki-esque apparition for the ages" (Guillermo del Toro).