Room 213

Rum 213

Emelie LindblomSweden81 minutes2017PGAges 11- 13ColourSwedishNorth American Premiere

In this delightfully chilling ghost story, three roommates at summer camp stumble upon the secret of a supernatural mystery rooted in a tragedy from six decades earlier.

Intro and Q&A with director Emelie Lindblom on April 22 & 23

Twelve-year-old Elvira arrives at summer camp feeling anxious and upset because her best friend couldn't join her. She's just getting settled in with her two roommates, Bea and Meja, when a flood forces them to move to Room 213 — where no one has stayed in 60 years. Strange, inexplicable things begin to happen, and the girls grow suspicious of one another. That is, until a letter with ancient handwriting leads them into the woods to the home of an old lady, who tells them of a girl who died at the camp six decades earlier. Could this be the same red-haired girl in a white dress they have seen sneaking through the corridors at night? Based on a book by Swedish children's author Ingelin Angerborn, Room 213 will send a shiver or two down your spine — especially if you don't believe in ghosts.

Content Advisory: mild language, supernatural events, discussion of ghosts, kissing, theft, frightening scenes, not suitable for very young children