Plastic China

Su Liao Wang Guo

Jiu-liang WangHong Kong / China82 minutes2016PGAges 12- 13Grades 7- 8ColourMandarinCanadian Premiere

This urgent and moving documentary focuses on the struggle of Yi Jie, a young girl who lives with her family in a plastic-sorting town in China where recycled waste from Europe, the United States and other parts of Asia winds up.

This documentary addressing equity, waste, and the state of the environment introduces us to Yi Jie, a young girl who, along with her family, has moved to a plastic-sorting town in China. The family lives among the plastic they sort for work — recycled waste from Europe, the United States, and other parts of Asia. Yi Jie is unable to attend school, so she spends her days caring for her siblings, sorting plastic, and searching for hidden treasures amongst the trash. Her parents discuss their hopes for the future, but family problems seem to stand in the way of their goals.

This moving film shows the direct impact excessive plastic waste has on Yi Jie and her family; we are reminded that, while we may not see it, our own actions can have a direct impact on people living thousands of kilometres away.

Content Advisory: adults smoke and consume alcohol, coarse language, adults get into a physical fight, adult intoxication, woman seen in pain during labour