Johnnie To: Expect the Unexpected


Waa lai seong baan zeok

Johnnie ToChina / Hong Kong117 minutes2015PGColourCantonese Mandarin

Oct 28
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A delightful, song-saturated conceptual musical, Office is also another of To's trenchant critiques of the corrosive capitalist ideology of post-handover Hong Kong. HK cinema legends Chow Yun-fat and Sylvia Chang (who also wrote the script, adapting her play Design for Living) play the chairman and CEO of a company whose imminent listing on the stock exchange is jeopardized when its long-concealed dirty laundry suddenly looks likely to be aired; matters are further complicated by the arrival of an idealistic new employee (Wang Ziyi). No guns for To this time out: the warfare is of the corporate variety, the set pieces are a series of rich and varied new songs by 1980s pop icon Lo Ta-yu, and production designer William Cheung's crystalline office set allows the director to extend his rigorous yet inventive play with space.

MusicalEast Asia