Johnnie To: Expect the Unexpected

Loving You

Mou mei san taam

Johnnie ToHong Kong85 minutes199514AColourCantonese

Nov 25
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    The first canonical "Johnnie To Film," the gunplay action drama Loving You also marks the director's first collaboration (of 12 so far) with his chief male muse Lau Ching-wan. Lau stars as detective Chu-hoi, who is a fine cop but a miserable husband. When he suffers a serious brain injury after being attacked by a criminal with a vendetta against him, he must depend on his grievously maltreated wife (Carman Lee) to nurse him back to health. Domestic melodrama morphs into action inferno, culminating in a final apocalyptic showdown set in the old TVB studios (To's television training ground). The sad-eyed Lau projects a combination of toughness, vulnerability, and intelligence, the elements with which To began to construct his ideal New Hong Kong Man of the 1990s: an icon of professionalism, wounded dignity, and quiet heroism, who implicitly bears the uncertain fate of the Special Administrative Region on his shoulders.

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