In the Shadow of Love: The Cinema of Philippe Garrel

Le Révélateur

Philippe GarrelFrance67 minutes1968PGB&WFrench

Feb 2
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    Made under the aegis of the Zanzibar Group — a collective of young filmmakers and artists marked by the radical politics of May '68, whose corpus of cinematic works was financed by French heiress Sylvina Boissonnas — Le Révélateur established Garrel as a unique, visionary talent. Filmed in radiant, high-contrast black and white, this beguiling silent experimental feature centres on a young couple (played by Bernadette Lafont and Laurent Terzieff) who wander across a desolate landscape with their young son. As the trio flees into the unknown, an intangible sense of menace steadily increases, threatening to expose the profound psychological trauma within their enigmatic family dynamic. (The film's title refers to film developer, the chemical used to reveal the photographic image on a strip of emulsion.) "Perhaps Garrel's most significant Zanzibar film, this is a startling silent b/w work about 'coming of age' and its implications for family and society…. Rigorous and intense" (Time Out London).