La Cicatrice intérieure

The Inner Scar

Philippe GarrelFrance60 minutes1972PGColourFrench

View La Cicatrice intérieure during the Bruce LaBruce on La Cicatrice intérieure event.

"One mustn't ask yourself questions while watching… it should be watched for pleasure, as one can take pleasure from walking in the desert" (Philippe Garrel). Perhaps the most famous collaboration between Garrel and his then-partner Nico, La Cicatrice intérieure has long been difficult to see, which makes our screening of this brand-new 35mm print all the more imperative. Accompanied by Nico's music on the soundtrack, the singer (garbed in a loose, flowing robe), Garrel (dressed in florid period attire), and art-cinema satyr Pierre Clémenti (completely nude) wander the majestically stark landscapes of Sinai, Death Valley and Iceland in a series of exquisitely composed tracking shots, creating an immersive and hallucinatory experience that follows a labyrinthine, dreamlike logic. "Personally, I find this film a masterpiece. A total masterpiece. I can't explain it" (Henri Langlois).