Jacquot de Nantes

Agnès VardaFrance118 minutes1991PGColourB&WFrench

View Jacquot de Nantes during the Jacquot de Nantes with Chelsea Phillips-Carr event.

Made in collaboration with Varda's husband Jacques Demy in the last year of his life, Jacquot de Nantes was the first of the director's cinematic tributes to her longtime partner, followed soon thereafter by The Young Girls Turn 25 and The World of Jacques Demy. With great affection and detail, Varda crafts a docudrama retelling of Demy's childhood, focusing on his successive creative interests (from puppet shows to theatre to, finally, cinema) and pointing out episodes that would serve as sources of inspiration for his future films; interspersed throughout these biographical recreations is the present-day Demy himself, whether providing narration for onscreen events or simply being filmed by Varda in adoring close-up. With Varda putting her inimitable cinematic personality (her focus on the everyday, her energy and easy charm) selflessly in the service of her partner, Jacquot is a film of an artist and her muse.