Into the Rainbow

Norman StoneChina / New Zealand88 minutes2016PGAges 10- 13Grades 5- 8ColourEnglishInternational Premiere

Two young girls in New Zealand find themselves transported to China through the magical energy of a rainbow, in this colourful and action-packed 3D adventure.

"Rainbows have always been a source of fascination and myth. Many cultures believe they can be a bridge between worlds."

After enduring bullying at their new school, teenagers Rachel (The Hunger Games' Willow Shields) and Grace (Jacqueline Joe) begin to bond. When Rachel witnesses a strange and intense energy emerging from a rainbow, the girls decide to investigate. When they locate the source of the rainbow, Rachel and Grace find themselves caught within its energy field and are transported to China. Desperate to find a way back to New Zealand, the girls receive help from their new friend, Xiao Cheng (Leo Wu), and his mother. Meanwhile, it is revealed that scientists are causing the phenomenon in an attempt to harvest the rainbow's power for profit, resulting in dangerous storms that threaten the girls' ability to return home. This colourful and action-packed 3D film takes us on an international adventure while demonstrating the power of friendship and the dangers of intervening with nature.

Content Advisory: bullying (physical fighting and derogatory comments)