Out of the Past: The Films of Robert Mitchum

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

John HustonUSA108 minutes1957ColourEnglish

Feb 4
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    John Huston's attempt to recreate the charm and suspense of his Oscar-winning The African Queen was immensely successful, thanks largely to his two stars. Replacing Huston's first choice Marlon Brando, Mitchum plays a gruff WWII Marine sergeant who ends up stranded on a South Pacific island with a wimpled Catholic nun (Deborah Kerr). Shot in Tobago in glorious CinemaScope, Huston's gripping tale portrays two mismatched people — he as impious as she is pure — inevitably developing romantic feelings for each other as they seek to avoid the Japanese troops who have set up camp on the island. "Kerr and Mitchum were a magical team.... The film [is] a beauty[:] funny, tender, exciting, visually enchanting" (Lee Server).