Guillermo del Toro: Influences

Great Expectations

David LeanUK118 minutes1946PGB&WEnglish

Nov 22
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David Lean's critically acclaimed and perennially popular version of Charles Dickens' rags-to-riches tale is superbly conjures up the "Sparkler of Albion's" fantastic world; the fog-enshrouded opening in a graveyard, where the orphan Pip meets the escaped convict Magwitch, instantly established itself as one of the most memorable sequences in film history. "Dickens has this sort of magical dark atmosphere in [Great Expectations] that David Lean captures perfectly ... The visuals [are] close to a horror movie. Great Expectations is a movie that changed my life, and it's one of my top ten movies of all time" (Guillermo del Toro).

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