Golden Exits

Alex Ross PerryUSA94 minutes2017PGColourEnglish

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While Alex Ross Perry dials down the nasty interpersonal confrontations of Listen Up Philip and Queen of Earth in his new film, Golden Exits is as arch, sharply written and keenly observed as any of the NY-based writer-director's previous critically acclaimed films. Arriving in Brooklyn from Australia on a temporary overseas sojourn, Naomi (Emily Browning) takes a job as an assistant to disgruntled middle-aged archivist Nick (the Beastie Boys' Adam Horovitz). Her presence, as well as her employer's evident interest in her, soon causes the barely repressed tension between Nick, his psychoanalyst wife (Chloë Sevigny), and her bitter, tart-tongued sister (Mary-Louise Parker) to boil over; Naomi, meanwhile, has her romantic sights set on the clan's inconveniently married friend Buddy (Jason Schwartzman). "An artful, challenging tapestry of Brooklyn disenchantment … [a] coolly articulate portrait of cosseted people who want for nothing and vaguely desire everything" (Guy Lodge, Variety).