Marina PersonBrazil90 minutes201514APortugueseNorth American Premiere

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A teenaged girl dreams of visiting her uncle in California, but must deal with several difficult realities at home in Brazil.

Although she lives in 1984 Brazil, Estella feels like a modern-day teen. She loves her friends, is in a period of romantic and sexual exploration (and excitement), is obsessed with vinyl and Bowie, and dreams of travelling to California to visit her cool, music-reporting uncle. However, her dreams are interrupted when he arrives unexpectedly as a result of his failing health. With a subtle nod to the AIDS crisis and massive political change in Brazil, juxtaposed with Estella's journey and courage, California is tender, raw, and nostalgic, and heavily rooted in the timelessness of loss, love, and growing up.


This movie has the nostalgic background of the '80s (especially for those who love classic pop rock), and allows you to navigate through the vibrant and exciting life as a Brazilian teenager, but also lets you emotionally relate to someone who wants to see the world, just as much as all of us do. — Richmond Uy, TIFF Next Wave Committee