Beyond Dreams

Dröm Vidare

Rojda SekersözSweden90 minutes201714ASwedish

Feb 18
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In Beyond Dreams, director Rojda Sekersöz masterfully examines the depth and power of female relationships through a zealous and spirited young woman named Mirija. Balancing who she is in relation to the person she is becoming, Mirija finds acceptance from her friends while forcing herself to let go of the lifestyle she has always known. Beyond Dreams speaks to the inescapable, coming-of-age conflict that comes with navigating foreign territory and the messiness of growing into someone new. Evin Ahmad's luminous portrayal of Mirija is mesmerizing as the protagonist's struggles reveal the lengths we are willing to go to in support of the families we inherit and those we choose. In an age of contrived depictions of female relationships, Sekersöz's film shines as an honest and moving representation of love between women, and how deep and instinctively it can run.


Additional Credits

Rojda Sekersöz
Production Company
2afilm AB
Evin Ahmad, Ella Åhman, Gizem Erdogan, Segen Tesfai, Malin Persson, Outi Mäenpää, Anna Bjelkerud, Michael Lindgren
International Sales Agent
Pluto Film Distribution Network