Before I Fall

Ry Russo-YoungUSA99 minutes2016PGColourEnglishCanadian Premiere

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A high school girl is stuck reliving the day of her death for a week and must untangle the mystery to discover everything she's in danger of losing, in indie darling Ry Russo-Young's (Orphans, Nobody Walks) adaption of the wildly popular novel Before I Fall.

Intro and Q&A with director Ry Russo-Young and actor Zoey Deutch Samantha "Sam" Kingston (Zoey Deutch), a high-school student who seems to be in her prime: pretty, popular, and poised to have a charmed existence. With a circle of friends who reign in the hallways and drama-driven cafeteria, and a boyfriend (Kian Lawley) who completes the image of a perfect life, Sam barely twinges when her friends choose to use their position to demean and target a classmate they've labelled as "odd." When it all comes to a head at a house party and tragedy soon follows, Sam wakes to find herself reliving the same day and desperately tries to change the she experiences grief in various stages. Before I Fall reveals the importance of being true to yourself and the peace that comes when we finally drop the expectations surrounding whom others expect us to be.


It will make you appreciative of the things you take for granted. — Chloe Bhumgara, TIFF Next Wave Committee