Bad Lucky Goat

Samir OliverosColombia76 minutes2017PGCreole

Feb 17
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In his debut feature, Colombian director Samir Oliveros invites us to the Caribbean island of Old Providence, where teenage siblings Corn and Rita struggle to resolve increasingly difficult problems after accidentally killing a goat. Panicked and pressed for time, the siblings explore the island, experiencing many strange encounters along the way. Despite the film's lighthearted tone, Bad Lucky Goat is sincere in its insights into sibling-rivalry issues, and presents a genuine dynamic between its protagonists. Oliveros' characters value personal space, independence, and control, resulting in personal intricacies that realistically portray today's youth. From a bearded goat to a broken pickup truck, Bad Lucky Goat is not your conventional coming-of-age story.


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Samir Oliveros
Honlenny Huffington, Kiara Howard, Jean Bush Howard, Ambrosio Huffington
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