Attack the Block

Joe CornishUSA88 minutes201114A

Feb 17
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When Attack the Block was released in 2011, it was met with immediate critical acclaim and raucous fan support for its terrifyingly terrific genre-mashup of sci-fi, horror, action, and comedy. Bursting with an unearthly energy, Joe Cornish's directorial debut pits a gang of friends from inner-city London against monsters from outer space. Alien invaders aside, the film resonates for its use of genre to investigate what it means to feel safe in relation to issues of race, class, gender, and an overall sense of belonging on Earth. Attack the Block is radical and realistic in its portrayal of tough, rule-breaking teenagers from a South London housing project. They joke, laugh, cry, scream, hide, run, and fight aliens together. They care for and protect each other at all costs — and will defend their block until the bitter end.


Additional Credits

Joe Cornish
John Boyega