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Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Martin ScorseseUSA112 minutes1974ColourEnglish

Mar 24
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    When her asshole husband is killed in a car accident, New Mexico housewife Alice Hyatt (Ellen Burstyn) decides to pack up her old life and head out on the road with her young son to re-launch the singing career she gave up when she married. After a traumatic dalliance with a violent man (Harvey Keitel) in Phoenix, Alice winds up waitressing in Tucson, where she meets a divorced rancher (Kris Kristofferson) who quickly charms both her and her boy. Hired by Burstyn to helm Alice immediately after Mean Streets, Martin Scorsese was an odd but oddly fitting choice for this story of a young widow's voyage of self-discovery and self-realization: the star and director got along famously, and the result is an affecting, expertly crafted drama that nicely balances its feel-good elements with gritty realism.