Adventures in Public School

Kyle RideoutCanada86 minutes2017PGColourEnglish

Jan 12
Jan 13
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Intro and Q&A with director Kyle Rideout

Home schooling and overprotective parents are given a generous and hilarious working over in Kyle Rideout's disarming Adventures in Public School. Educated by his fiercely enthusiastic mother, Claire (Judy Greer), teenage Liam (Daniel Doheny) is the quintessential über-nerd, a wannabe physicist who is about to take his equivalency exam and head off to Cambridge. At the exam he spots Anastasia (Siobhan Williams), an enigmatic beauty who lost a leg to cancer. Instantly smitten, he changes his answers, hoping to flunk and have to redo his final semester in public school. Liam is given a crash course in high-school dynamics, ranging from bullying to hallway flirting, as he timidly pursues Anastasia. Boasting a great ensemble cast — including Doheny, Williams, Andrew McNee, Grace Park, Russell Peters, and, especially, Greer in a tour-de-force performance — Adventures in Public School is quite simply one of the best Canadian romantic comedies in recent memory.


L'éducation à domicile et les parents qui surprotègent leurs enfants sont abondamment observés avec beaucoup d'humour dans le désarmant Adventures in Public School de Kyle Rideout. Éduqué par sa mère Claire (Judy Greer), Liam (Daniel Doheny) est l'adolescent intello par excellence : il se prend pour un physicien et s'apprête à passer l'examen d'équivalence pour aller à Cambridge. Lors de l'examen, il repère Anastasia (Siobhan Williams), une beauté mystérieuse qui a perdu une jambe à cause du cancer. Charmé sur le champ, Liam change ses réponses dans le but d'échouer à l'examen et de refaire son dernier trimestre à l'école publique. Il reçoit un cours accéléré sur la dynamique de l'école secondaire, de l'intimidation à la drague dans les couloirs, tandis qu'il tente timidement de séduire Anastasia. Réunissant d'excellents acteurs — incluant Doheny, Williams, Andrew McNee, Grace Park, Russell Peters et surtout Greer, qui livre une performance extraordinaire — le film est tout simplement l'une des meilleures comédies romantiques canadiennes récentes.

Kyle Rideout

Kyle Rideout is a Vancouver-based writer, director, and actor. His films include the feature Eadweard (15), and the shorts Hop the Twig (11) and Wait for Rain (11). Adventures in Public School (17) is his latest feature.

Additional Credits

Kyle Rideout
Production Company
Motion 58 Entertainment
Executive Producer
Justine Whyte
Josh Epstein, Adam Folk
Josh Epstein, Kyle Rideout
Stirling Bancroft
Yvann Thibaudeau
Production Designer
Harry Brar
Miguel Nunes
Original Score
Matthew Rogers
Judy Greer, Daniel Doheny, Siobhan Williams, Russell Peters, Grace Park, Andrew McNee, Alex Barima, Andrew Herr, Andrea Bang, Maxine Miller, Eva Day, Josh Epstein
Primary Publicity
International Sales Agent
Kaleidoscope Film Distribution
US Sales Agent
Kaleidoscope Film Distribution, XYZ Films
Canadian Distributor
Motion 58 Entertainment
US Distributor
Gravitas Ventures