Existence is Song: A Stan Brakhage Retrospective

Visions in Meditation

75 minutesG

Aug 14
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After a difficult personal period for the filmmaker, Brakhage's marriage to his second wife Marilyn Jull and the couple's subsequent travels around the US and Canada inspired this stunning series of films about the (North) American landscape, which "rekindled [Brakhage's] confidence in the eloquence of the embodied moving camera," as P. Adams Sitney writes. Inspired by Gertrude Stein's Stanzas in Meditation and the writings of D.H. Lawrence, Visions in Meditation takes us through New England, New Mexico, Colorado and Eastern Canada, exploring, among other things, the archaeological sites of Mesa Verde, Lawrence's ranch in Taos, and the reverberations of these historical sites across time.

Visions in Meditation 1 (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1989 \ 20 min. \ 16mm)

Visions in Meditation 2: Mesa Verde (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1989 \ 18 min. \ 16mm)

Visions in Meditation 3: Plato's Cave (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1990 \ 18 min. \ 16mm)

Visions in Meditation 4: D.H. Lawrence (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1990 \ 19 min. \ 16mm)