Reel Rascals: Animated Tales (Public 1)

60 minutesPGAges 3- 5

A lively assortment of animated short stories, carefully selected from all around the world for our youngest audiences. Join us for thrills, spills, and animal antics — whether that's riding through the snow with a squirrel on a sled, stomping along with the elephants to the music of They Might Be Giants, or helping a little bird fend off a hungry caterpillar who's trying to eat its favourite leaf. On our way, we learn lessons in friendship, family, sharing, being oneself, and finding the beauty in life's little accidents in an international collection of shorts that is sure to delight.

Intro with Neshama Ryman, director of The Klumz, and Jeremy Galante, director of Elephants, on April 8

This programme includes films from Germany, Latvia, the USA, Ireland, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Denmark.