From Swingers and Go, to the Bourne Series, Mr & Mrs Smith, and The Edge of Tomorrow, director/writer/producer Doug Liman is always seeking innovative ways to deliver high-octane compelling stories in film and television. Liman reveals why he and his company, 30 Ninjas, are venturing and investing in VR, multi-platform and interactive content, and discusses his new VR short-action series. Invisible, a partnership from Condé Nast Entertainment, 30 Ninjas, Jaunt and Samsung.

Creative Process
Doug Liman


Doug Liman is a director–producer. In 2000 he produced and directed the Bourne Identity which spawned a five movie franchise including Jason Bourne currently in theaters (he stayed on as a producer for the sequels). Liman secured the rights to the franchise from novelist Robert Ludlum after flying his small airplane into a remote airport in the Teton Mountains to court the writer. Liman's filming has taken him on other adventures including Baghdad during the war for the filming of Fair Game, Egypt on the eve of revolution, Haiti in the aftermath of the Earthquake. His other credits include Swingers, Go, Mr and Mrs Smith, Jumper, Live Die Repeat (Edge of Tomorrow), and two movies due out in the next year: American Made with Tom Cruise and The Wall with Aaron Taylor Johnson and John Cena. He is also Executive Producer of the critically acclaimed hit tv series Suits which is in it's sixth season on USA Networks. He is one of the founders of 30 Ninjas and the director of Episode 1 Invisible virtual reality series.

Michael Lerman

Acting Head of Programming and Primetime programmer, TIFF

Michael Lerman currently serves as the Festival's Acting Head of Programming and programmer for TIFF's Primetime programme. Since 2010, he has also been the Artistic Director of the Philadelphia Film Society which produces the Philadelphia Film Festival; and has programmed many festivals including: Woodstock Film Festival, the Montclair Film Festival, Stanley Film Festival and Fantastic Fest. Lerman comes from a diverse film background, working as the Director of Acquisitions for The Film Sales Company; film journalist /contributed to Indiewire, Spout and Hammer to Nail. As a co-founder of Tiger Industry Films, he has contributed as a producer, writer and co-director of titles including: Surrogate Valentine, Daylight Savings, White on Rice, Natural Causes and , for which he was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.