Safety Not Guaranteed: A Century of Harold Lloyd

Grandma's Boy preceded by The City Slicker

73 minutesPG

Jan 28
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    Jeff Rapsis

    Jeff Rapsis is a composer who specializes in creating live musical accompaniment for silent films. Performing at about 100 screenings each year, Rapsis' recent appearances include the Harvard Film Archive, the Cleveland Museum of Art, The Kansas Silent Film Festival, the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum in Fremont, California, and the Kennington Bioscope in London. He recorded a piano score for Kino-Lorber's recent re-release of Zaza, which he accompanied at the US Library of Congress in 2015. Outside of silent-film work, Rapsis' compositions include the Kilimanjaro Suite, a multi-movement work performed by the New Hampshire Philharmonic in January 2017.