Existence is Song: A Stan Brakhage Retrospective

A Brakhage Primer: Selected Shorts

79 minutesPG

This programme aims to highlight key works in Brakhage's immense oeuvre and sketch the trajectory of his career. Opening with the artist's shortest film, the nine-second Eye Myth, the programme proceeds with In Between, an early psychodrama shot in San Francisco in collaboration with painter Jess Collins and John Cage; Mothlight, which was created by applying grass and flowers directly to the filmstrip; the revolutionary Window Water Baby Moving, which documents the birth of Brakhage's first daughter; Creation and The Cat of the Worm's Green Realm, two stunning nature films (one mythological, one microscopic); I … Dreaming, a harrowing later-period diary film made soon after Brakhage's divorce from Jane Collom; and two of the artist's most exemplary hand-painted films, the corporeal and sensuous Coupling and The Dante Quartet, which was painted on 35mm and IMAX film and will be shown on 35mm.

Eye Myth (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1967 \ 9 seconds \ 16mm)

In Between (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1955 \ 9.5 min. \ 16mm)

Mothlight (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1963 \ 3.5 min. \ 16mm)

Coupling (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1999 \ 4.5 min. \ 16mm)

Window Water Baby Moving (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1959 \ 12.5 min. \ 16mm)

Creation (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1979 \ 16 min. \ 16mm)

The Cat of the Worm's Green Realm (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1997 \ 14 min. \ 16mm)

I ... Dreaming (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1988 \ 6.5 min. \ 16mm)

The Dante Quartet (dir. Stan Brakhage \ USA 1987 \ 6 min. \ 35mm)