A Tiny Technicolour World

By Veronica Classen Canada Ages 6+ World Premiere

Make your own story by putting yourself into our miniature world! Using two live video feeds (one of the player and one of the miniature world), the computer superimposes one video on top of the other. A Tiny Technicolour World encourages playing with practical effects and creating new stories to uncover the magic of cinema.

Veronica Classen is a Toronto-based teacher, art director, and specialist in miniatures for film and animation. She was awarded ADISQ’s Best Music Video of the Year in 2012 for Galaxie’s “Camouflar” and the 2017 Jury Award at the Seoul International Food Film Festival for the documentary Nests of Gold. Classen is an MFA graduate of Northwestern University’s Costume and Set Design program, and has taught theatre design at both Northwestern University and Concordia University.

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