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TIFF’s award-winning technology playground allows kids 3-13 (and adults!) to experience what it’s like to become part of a classical artwork, control a flamingo through dance and watch a machine draw a picture based on how it feels. The exhibition brings together interactive games, projections, mind-bending augmented-reality installations and innovative coding activities that showcase the creative potential of new technologies.

digiPlaySpace is closed for 2018. Check back soon for updates on our 2019 exhibition!

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Our 21st century-world has increasingly become a blurry mix of virtual and real, physical and digital. We spend much of our time interacting with technology through screens, sensors, data, social networks, games, and more. How can we build an empowered relationship with these technologies, tools, and networks to strengthen our ability to connect with each other? How are we able to explore new aspects of who we are, the way in which we tell our stories, and how we play and learn? This exhibit aims to empower audiences to see everyday technologies in a new light, full of artistic expression and possibilities.

Use your creativity and curiosity to dance, jump, click, touch, and draw! Experience the creative potential of machine learning, motion capture, and coding, and see what you can discover in the process. Join us for a mixed reality adventure where the lines between the virtual and real disappear.

2018 Installations

AR Experiments
Connecting! Train Blocks
Dance with flARmingos
Everything Machine
Gruffalo Spotter
Hidden Folks
Hopscotch: Make Games
más que la cara
The Mindfulness Machine
Sago Mini World
Sketch Aquarium
Sound Controlled Intergalactic Teddybear
Style Transfer Mirrors
A Tiny Technicolour World
Trente pas entre terre et ciel
Wilderness Wiggle


What is digiPlaySpace?

digiPlaySpace is an art and technology exhibition for kids and families that brings together interactive games and projections, mind-bending augmented-reality installations, and innovative coding activities to showcase the creative potential of new technologies. With 21 installations from 12 countries, digiPlaySpace invites guests to become part of a classical artwork, control a flamingo through dance, watch a machine draw a picture based on how it feels, and much more!

When is digiPlaySpace open?

February 17 through April 22
Tuesday–Friday: 2pm–4pm
Saturday–Sunday: 10am–6pm
Holidays: 10am-6pm

Holidays include Family Day, March Break, Good Friday, and Easter Monday. Tickets are available online through the Get Tickets link at tiff.net/digiplayspace, and in person at TIFF Bell Lightbox’s Steve & Rashmi Gupta Box Office.

How long should I expect to spend in the space?

We recommend setting aside 90 minutes to enjoy everything digiPlaySpace has to offer.

How old should my child be to enjoy digiPlaySpace?

digiPlaySpace is designed for children ages 3 to 13.

How much does a ticket to digiPlaySpace cost, and do I have to pay if I am a TIFF Member?

TIFF Members get in free! Tickets for non-Members are $11 on weekdays and $13 on weekends and holidays.


Can I use my ticket for any time and/or date?

No. The ticket you have purchased is only valid for the date and time printed on it.

Do I enter digiPlaySpace at the time printed on my ticket?

The time printed on your ticket is the earliest time that we will be able to let you into the space. Guests are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis according to the entry time printed on their ticket and the capacity of the space. Due to capacity limits, exact admission time may be delayed.

How long will it take to get into digiPlaySpace once I have bought a ticket?

We strive to have all guests enter digiPlaySpace as close as possible to the time printed on their ticket; however, due to the operating capacity of the space, time of entry can vary and is not guaranteed.

Can I bring a large group of people to digiPlaySpace?

If you wish to book a large group of people (10 or more guests), please contact groupsales@tiff.net beforehand. In order to maintain an enjoyable and safe capacity inside the space, we cannot guarantee that all members of the group will enter digiPlaySpace at the same time. However, they will be granted access within the same half-hour timeframe.

What if my whole group needs to enter digiPlaySpace at the same time?

We understand that some groups may only be able to attend digiPlaySpace if the entire group can be admitted to the space at the same time. If this is the case for your group, we recommend booking at 10am or 10:30am.

If I bring a large group of people to digiPlaySpace, can you provide space for my group to have lunch or a snack?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional space or seating to groups visiting digiPlaySpace.

Inside digiPlaySpace

How long can I stay at digiPlaySpace?

We recommend allotting 90 minutes to make the most of your digiPlaySpace experience. We ask that guests are mindful of this recommendation during peak periods (e.g., weekends and March Break), as we want to ensure the best possible experience for all of our guests.

If I am already in digiPlaySpace can I stay past the closing time?

The posted closing time of digiPlaySpace indicates when the space will be closed for the evening. The last entry of the day is 60 minutes prior to closing.

Can I leave my kids at digiPlaySpace?

All children must be constantly supervised by an adult parent or guardian.

Can I re-enter digiPlaySpace later in the day if I leave for lunch, etc.?

With the exception of trips to the washroom, once you have left digiPlaySpace, you cannot re-enter.

Can I bring large belongings like coats, bags, and strollers into digiPlaySpace?

No. Since we want to give as much room to as many guests as possible and provide a safe place to play, we ask that large coats, bags, strollers, etc. be checked at our coat check. (Cost for adult non-Members is $2 per coat; coat check is free for TIFF Members. Strollers, bags, and children's coats can be checked for free.)

Can I eat in digiPlaySpace?

There is no food or drink permitted in the space.

Touring Exhibition

Images on this page courtesy of Jonathan Pow and Eureka!, 2017

Knowing that our 21-century audiences exist in a rapidly changing and evolving digital landscape, the digiPlaySpace touring exhibition aims to provide kids with the skills to meet these new challenges. Creators and innovators of all ages are invited to discover and engage with digital experiences like interactive projection, stop-motion animation, robotics, video game creation, and more! With works from over 30 Canadian and international artists, digiPlaySpace aims to empower visitors to explore and see technologies in new ways.

Exhibition Information

Venue gallery size:
3000 – 5500 sq ft (275 – 550 sq m)

Venue ceiling height:
13 ft (4 m) recommended

Light levels:
Low light levels recommended; little or no natural light

Standard rental length:
12 – 14 weeks

Target audience:
Ages 3 to 13, families and school groups

The digiPlaySpace touring exhibition launched in 2015 and showcases some of the best works to come out of TIFF’s award-winning exhibition. With new and exciting works added every year, digiPlaySpace touring stays fresh and current to meet the demands of our tech-savvy audiences.

Venues are invited to select 11 to 15 installations from the full roster of available works, which best suit their exhibition space and target demographic audience.

To date, digiPlaySpace has delighted over 500,000 visitors.

Venue benefits include:

  • Technicians for the exhibition installation and takedown
  • Training by TIFF staff
  • Marketing and installation materials
  • Responsive technical support from experienced staff

Our clients:

Hebei Museum, Shijiazhuang, China
Shaanxi History Museum, Xi’an, China
Chinese Museum of Women and Children, Beijing, China
Minnesota Children’s Museum, Saint Paul, Minnesota
The DoSeum Children’s Museum, San Antonio, Texas
The Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, New York
Eureka! The National Children’s Museum, Halifax, United Kingdom

What visitors say:

"Fun meets technology, art, playability, and learning through playing. digiPlaySpace is just very hands on and engaging and colourful."

"I think digiPlaySpace is fantastic. This is much more apt for their age... They seem to be more engaged and they love staying here. We could literally stay all day in here."

Contact Suzan Sabir by calling 416-599-8433(x. 2049) or by email at ssabir@tiff.net to reserve your time slot!