Unlocking imagination through Pocket Fund

Unlocking Imagination

Bringing the power of film to life through Pocket Fund

*“It was like I was in all those movies.”
— Ibrahim, 2016 Pocket Fund recipient, after attending a TIFF Kids shorts programme – his first time in a movie theatre*

This simple declaration is why Pocket Fund exists. As Ibrahim expressed, seeing a representation of ourselves onscreen is a vital experience; it shows that no matter who we are or where we come from, our stories are important and worth telling.

__*The youth of DAREarts attend a TIFF workshop.*__

At TIFF we strive to bring the power of film to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. And each year, generous film lovers like you heed our call and support us in providing free access to our cultural and educational programming to children and youth with financial barriers. During our most recent Pocket Fund campaign, 121 of you came together to make it possible for 2,606 young people to attend TIFF Kids screenings, experience the technological wonders of digiPlaySpace, and participate in our workshops and camps. We’ve made extensive headway in bringing 6,000 kids to TIFF Bell Lightbox in 2017, and we cannot thank you enough.

Film has the incredible ability to teach lessons of empathy and compassion, and to enlighten us about other cultures. TIFF’s film-based workshops supply incredible opportunities for kids to learn about teamwork, creative expression, and leadership, while consistently building their confidence and courage.

Lisa Norton, Program Coordinator of TIFF’s community partner DAREarts, shared her organization’s experience during one of TIFF's Film-In-A-Day workshops: “During our most recent visit, we saw our children truly blossom. The day was intense and fast-paced, yet deeply creative and exciting. Our kids were challenged to write, produce, and act in their own short film, using their best inner discipline to be successful as a team. By the end of the day, the DAREarts ‘crew’ had created their own short, with the class shouting in unison, ‘Lights, camera, ACTION!’ On behalf of DAREarts, thank you!

__*A thank-you message from TIFF community partner, DAREarts*__

“At their year-end showcase, the kids of DAREarts viewed their completed short film together for the very first time. It was awe-inspiring to see them smiling, nodding to each other, and congratulating their peers on a job well done. Many of them would not speak to each other when they first joined DAREarts; now they were cheering their hearts out together, so proud of what they had accomplished as a team.”

Lisa witnessed firsthand how your support of Pocket Fund unlocks the potential of the young people in our communities who need it most.

Thank you for sharing your love of film with communities in need. We can’t do what we do without you.

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