Mr. Frog

Meester Kikker

Anna van der HeideNetherlands84 minutes2016GAges 7- 11ColourDutchCanadian Premiere

When Mr. Franz's students discover that he occasionally turns into a frog, they must work together to guard the secret from their principal.

Please note: The screening on April 17 will be presented in a sensory-friendly (lights up, sound down) environment.

Based on the novel by best-selling author Paul van Loon, Mr. Frog is the wildly charming and engaging story of an elementary school teacher who occasionally turns into a frog! When Mr. Franz first transforms right in the middle of a lesson, the students are taken aback, but brave Sita immediately recognizes what has happened and springs into action. Leading the charge, the students undertake a series of diversions to hide the secret from their new principal and protect their beloved teacher from humans and predatory animals alike. As the students prepare for their school's anniversary performance, Mr. Franz does whatever he can to stay under the radar, but the principal grows increasingly suspicious... perhaps it's his own predatory nature taking control?

AcceptanceAction + AdventureAnimalsCooperationLiterary Interest
Anna van der Heide

Anna van der Heide is a Dutch director an screenwriter. She studied directing and communication science at the Maastricht Theatre Academy and the University of Amsterdam respectively. Her latest film is Mr. Frog (16).

Additional Credits

Anna van der Heide
Production Company
Executive Producer
Burny Bos
Burny Bos
Mieke de Jong
Mark van Aller
Michiel Reichwein
Production Designer
Minka Mooren
Kees de Groot
Original Score
Fons Merkies
Yenthe Bos, Jeroen Spitzenberger, Bobby van Vleuten, Wine Dierickx, Paul R. Kooij, Georgina Verbaan
International Sales Agent
Attraction Distribution
US Sales Agent
Attraction Distribution
Canadian Distributor
Attraction Distribution

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