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TIFF Bell Lightbox

The new home for TIFF is a beautiful, welcoming five-story complex at the corner of King and John Streets in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The upper surfaces of the building are a series of glass panels against which the shadows of people moving within are cast, creating a cinematic dimension to the exterior.

Inside, visitors gather in a three-storey public atrium, 5 public cinemas, 2 galleries, 3 learning studios, a centre for students and scholars, a bistro, a restaurant, and a lounge

Designed by world-renowned architectural firm KPMB, this unique facility provides an essential meeting place for film professionals, educators and film lovers from around the globe.

The Daniels Corporation and the Reitman family – acclaimed filmmaker Ivan Reitman and his sisters Agi Mandel and Susan Michaels – who together form the King and John Festival Corporation, have helped TIFF to realize its dream of a building dedicated to film.

TIFF Bell Lightbox now provides a long-needed home for all of TIFF's existing programmes as well as new initiatives, community and industry events.

“I want every film lover to feel like TIFF Bell Lightbox is theirs.”
- Piers Handling, CEO and Director of TIFF


Starting Over: The Legacy of Leslie and Clara Reitman

Starting Over: The Legacy of Leslie and Clara Reitman
(dir. Nobu Adilman, 12:45 min, 2010)

This short documentary pays tribute to the lives of Leslie and Clara Reitman, young Eastern European immigrants who risked their lives to come to Canada, arrived penniless and worked tirelessly to ensure a good life for their three children. A piece of land they purchased at the corner of King and John Streets in the early 1970's is now the home of TIFF Bell Lightbox. Told with loving tributes from their family- Ivan Reitman, Agi Mandel and Susan Michaels.


Death or Canada
(dir.Ruan Magan, edited version,2008)

Death or Canada, produced by Ballinran Entertainment in 2009, is set in 1847 when Ireland was in the grip of a devastating famine that would claim more than a million lives and force a million more to leave their country in despair, escaping to North America. Between May and October of that year, 38,000 people landed in the muddy backwater village of Toronto. For some travelers, the journey would end at the site of King and John Streets where "fever tents" had been erected to cope with the typhus epidemic. Still, many went on to start a new life in Canada, full of hope.